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P2P Marketing explained

Peer 2 Peer marketing is where the middle man is removed from the typical advertiser / publisher relationship.

By joining our P2P marketing portal, you choose to promote websites that are complementary to your own services or products, and in return you gain visibility, giving your website more chance to be discovered and promoted by other members of the club.

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Once you have registered your website with us, in order to gain visibility, you will need to select one or more of the websites below to promote. The more unique visitors you send to other member's websites, the more visible your website will become. To protect the impartiality of this service, we do not accept payment in order to promote yourself in this list, you can only do so by promoting other member's websites.

Click on a member's website above, and recieve a link which will attribute the click to you, and help your own website gain traffic.